What is the show?

This year I will be coming to the Edinburgh Fringe for the first time. A lot of my friends said it would be ideal for me, that I could go and do my street show, or adapt what I usually do into an hour long stage presentation. But I decided to do something different, something a lot more personal.

Illusions of Depression is my way of exploring with my audience not just my own mental health and autism, but also asking them to question the way we look at these things. Using magic and illusion to provoke thought and insight rather than awe and wonder, this is a very personal show, focusing on belief and assumption.

      Time & dates

      7.15pm from the 15th through to the 24th


      Tollbooth Market ~ Room 3
      Gladstone Court
      EH8 8BN


      Content Warning: Suitable for 15+ only

      • Self-harm and suicide
      • Alcholism
      • Death or dying
      • Blood
      • Mental illness and ableism