Magic is for Girls

Despite there being no practical no reason for it, magic is an art form completely dominated by men. This class is a small way to help redress that balance.

It loosely follows my usual classes, though in a more structured, group environment deigned to facilitate peer support as well as one to on guidance.

Each Lesson

Card Skills

Every lesson will involve some card work. Over the course we will be building up the confidence and ability of each student to handle and control cards, quickly moving into sleights and allowing them to create their own routines.

Area of Magic

Each lesson will also develop a different ‘area’ of magic. Students learn classic routines performed by magicians around the world within this area.


Students are provided with notes for tricks taught. However, they will only contain the very basic outlines. This is so they will be able to develop their own style throughout the course.

These notes are avaliable here.

After the Class


One thing that is set in stone is that in order for a student to get the most out of these classes, you are going to have to do some practicing. But do not worry! The best thing about magic is that you can often practice a lot of it in front of the TV, or on the bus, or really doing almost anything else.


We cannot possibly go over every aspect and subtlety contained in a technique in a short lesson. Also, students may need a hand remembering exactly how they were supposed to perform a specific move. I will do my best to support students between classes and am happy to answer questions by email, skype, or phone.

Everything Works

My approach to magic is practical. I believe in creating and performing effects that people will enjoy watching. Because of this I will only teachmy ztudents things that I believe could be performed in a professional setting. Therefore, at the end of each class, they will get to decide which of the tricks I’ve just taught will be performed, by me, at that evening’s Magical Mischief.

For this course only I charge £5 a lesson. The whole point of these classes is to empower women to get into magic. that’s why the charge is simply to cover my expenses. (It doesn’t, but I didn’t want to charge any more).

If you’re interested in finding out more about Magic is for Girls, get in touch.