June 2018

Special Guest: Jo Badman

Boardgame Challange: Srtar Wars: Destiny

10th May 2018

Special Guest: Marcus Morgan

Paul almost took the whole night off as Jo came and enthralled us all with his full one-man show. A classy, elegant performance that left everyone slack jawed and bewildered. A true gentleman of magic.

Boardgame Challange: Harry Potter; Battle of Hogworts

Marcus' hilarious and poignant show left no entendre un-doubled. Funny, clever, and occasionally smutty - but only in the most charming of ways - we had a show that left people questioning not only how the magic happened, but also, possibly, their own world views. And Paul made some people stick brushes between their legs.

8th April 2018

Special Guest: Brendan Rodrigues

Boardgame Challange: Settlers of Catan

Bringing a dizzying display of skill to Watford, Brendan thrilled his audiance with some of the most sophisticated and dexterous magic imaginable. Gasps of wonder and baffelment could be heard across the audiance when, despite being told what he was doing and when he was doing it, no one in the audiance could see how he did it. Remarkable dexterity and a real star to grace the night.

11th March 2018

Special Guest: Neil Henry

Boardgame Challange: Exploding Kittens

It's always fun when someone as off the wall and frantic as Paul comes to the Cafe, and our March show proved the point. With his mind (and fork) bending routines, Neil Henry presented a night crammed full of magic and laughter. Some of the many highlights included not just eating a can of alphabetti spaghetti, but bringing a few of the letters back up to spell a randomly chosen word, and making a signed £20 note appear inside a walnut.
Inside an egg.
Inside a lemon!

11th February 2018

Special Guest: David Narayan

Boardgame Challange: Louis IIV AND X-Wing Minitures Game

After failing himself, the d20 Cafe, and the whole of the House of Regan the previous month, this time Paul not only pulled off a miracle with the little known game Louis IIV, but also used the X-Wing game to perform his own take on the cups and balls! But all of that pailed in comparison to David's masterfully intense performance, where he made people really beleive in the raw power of the human mind.

21st January 2018

Special Guest: Maximilian Somerset

Boardgame Challange: X-Wing Minitures Game (FAILED!)

A massive night, full of mind-blowing magic. The cafe are curently taking donations for repairs after Max absolutly smashed it. Appearing goldfish, a psychic piano, and destroyed watches. With energy off the scale and musical skills to match his magical ones, it was an amazing night that no one there will forget.

10th December 2017

Special Guest: Joseff Badman, though he had to cancel due to snow.

Boardgame Challange: Pictionary

Snow made this a very different show. Due to issues with travel the guest magician was unable to make it in, and Paul was unable to actually bring any of the planned cabaret effects! This led to a Christmas theamed cabaret show that was an impromptue sucess (for the most part!) The second half consisted of up close card magic, a big change of direction but one so popular that instead of the planned half an hour the audiance insisted on a full 60 minutes!

12th November 2017

Special Guest: Si Tou

Boardgame Challange: Sushi Go

A slightly more toned down show from Paul as Si Tou is known for his off the wall magical style. His incrediable mix of zaney moments with beauitful cardestry was astounding. From rubix cube tricks exploring the mysteries of the oposite sex to getting ready to throw a knife at Pauls dad, it was nothing but good times.

8th October 2017

Special Guest: Mandy Davis

Mandy joined us and blew people away with her disarming charm. Her gorgeous rope routine was a particular highlight, as was her saving Paul's bacon when the cabaret started a little earlier than expected! Mandy helped ensure that what might have just been a one off will be able to grow into a sucessful event night.

10th September 2017

Special Guest: Rob Teszka

Our first ever night and it got off to a flying start. Rob's blend of psychology and illusion added a touch of grown-up class to Paul's  usual mad-cap pace.