And A Happy New Year!


It’s year has seen a lot change in my life. Those possibly most remarkable and certainly most relevant to this blog are my change in direction and focus as a magician. I’ve moved from being almost exclusively a street magician to performing at close up and corporate gigs. I’ve created my own monthly magic showcase and have begun working with some of the best magicians in the country.

Creating my own magic is perhaps the most exciting aspect of what I do now. When I tell my magical colleagues that I’ve said I’ll be performing an entirely fresh half hour section every month – including creating a trick based on a random board game chosen by a member of the audience the previous month – they tend to look at me like I’m suggesting streaking the royal garden party. As it’s very unlikely I’ll ever get an invite to the royal garden party, especially after I just mentioned streaking there, my gut is to make the most of that look and keep creating new magic for the now regular group of people who come and enjoy the show.

I LOVE this little guy!

I LOVE this little guy!

I’ve started using social media in a professional capacity. My twitter and Instagram feeds are a lot of fun, and give me a chance to express myself in a very different way. Once I manage to stop misplacing mini-Paul I’ll really be able to get creative with it! Of course there is also this blog. I take a great deal of pride in the regular updates here, and it’s been great receiving feedback from people who’ve read my thoughts.

Still, onwards and upwards.  What am I going to be doing next year? Firstly, I want to continue to build on what it is I’m already doing well. Considering my slap-dash approach to things other than my act, that isn’t the biggest ask in the world. Still, there are some areas I will be taking a much better look at:

YouTube: Unlike a lot of my friends I don’t tend to upload slick looking footage of me doing tricks. Partly this is because I don’t tend to ever think about getting film of me when I’m at gigs, but mostly it’s because I’m lazy. I’ve got to change that.

Sell Myself More: If I’m honest, I’m really bad at aspects of this. If I have a meeting with someone, or even if I’m just chatting I’m pretty good at ‘selling’ myself. However, I’m bad at the fundamentals. Giving my business card out. Approaching people after I’ve performed etc. Come next year that stops. I’m even looking at promoting myself in as yet unexplored ways.

Develop My Magical Voice: I’ve already made a few tricks of my own. Next year I’m looking forward to creating and maybe even publishing a few more. I don’t know how marketable these would be but I think I’ll take the same approach here as I do with my performances: I’m creating something that I enjoy and can be passionate about. With any luck, others will agree.

Collaboration: I enjoy working with other people. My hope is that next year I can build on the relations I’ve made with other magicians and make something special. This is linked closely to the final idea…

Stage Show: I want to create a stage show of illusion and magic, and take it out to Edinburgh for the fringe. I’ve already got some strong ideas for this, but above all I want it to be different. Lots of magicians like to call what they do ‘art’. That’s fine, but I have the strong belief that a piece of art should provoke an emotion reaction. Wonder or shock isn’t enough, and I think it’s likely that neither is a simple smile. If my vague vision can be realised, then this could be something I’ll be very proud of.

That is what I’m hoping the future will look like. If even half of these things happen it will be an exciting and busy time. I also want to wish you and yours a wonderful New Year, and all the joy and hope this changing of the guard brings.

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