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Magic is for Girls

The 8th of March was and is International Women’s Day. It’s a day designed to mark the launch of a yearlong campaign and part of the long term goal of helping bring about gender parity. This year I chose to highlight female magicians, mostly on twitter. Some I know, some I’m just a fan of, but each of them has one thing in common: They are working in an industry massively dominated by men. I've written a little on this subject before, but this is a little more involved.

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Magical Streets

This morning I am writing my blog from the luxurious Premier Inn Crew Central. I’m in the area visiting my uncle, who today turns 70. Sadly, I can’t stay for the festivities that will be happening tonight as I have a gig at the d20 Cafe later, and so must be on the 12:37 train to Watford Junction. However, I did get to spend some time yesterday with my family, including my uncle, what was all very lovely.

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